OSHA Shipbreaking

Shipbreaking Health and Safety Plan Development and Training

Summary: A total 12, hospital 480 contact hours of training will be provided to 530 employees of shipbreakers at Navy and MARAD locations in Brownsville Texas, check the hub of shipbreaking activity in the U.S.

Existing companies include: International Shipbreaking Limited, illness 18501 R.L.Ostos Rd; All Star Metals LLC, 101 Boxcar Rd; Esco Marine, 16200 Joe Garza Sr. Road; and Marine Metals, 16901 R.L. Ostos Rd. PETE and subcontractor, Kirkwood Community College, will 1) prepare a 16-hour curriculum for Safety Plan Development and Modification for supervisors and managers, based on continuing risk assessment of hazards, during the first quarter of the project; 2) package existing OSHA materials for Workers in the shipbreaking industry in 1-2-hour training blocks and translate them into Spanish, during the first quarter of the project; 3) secure Advisory Committee and OSHA approval of the curriculum; 4) provide 16 hours of training in Safety Plan

Development and Modification, based on risk assessment, for 30 supervisors and managers in the shipbreaking industry over a six-month period; 4) provide 24 hours of training in English and Spanish for 500 workers and supervisors in 1-2 hour training blocks at four committed Brownsville shipbreaking industries over a six-month period; and 5) evaluate training and follow-up with employers.