Fellows Institutes

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Indigenous Fellows Institutes


A week-long workshop for STEM Tribal and Pacific Rim community college and high school instructors will be held each summer. The first Institute was held on a Pacific Island at Guam Community College, shop the second was held at Fort Berthold Community College (a Tribal College), and the final Institute will be held at a location convenient to both populations (Honolulu Community College, HI). The institutes include:

  • Stipends for participants

  • Lodging and meals

  • A half-day intensive program on indigenous pedagogy, which will be filmed and made available on the project website

  • Presentations by research students

  • Rich experiences that are aligned to the needs of Tribal and Pacific Rim Colleges that will strengthen STEM education in environmental programs. This includes classroom, field work, and hands-on elements.

  • Presentations on low-cost, hands-on, practical research projects that can be implemented locally

  • Indigenous case studies

  • Mini-grants for assistance in implementing curricular projects created as a result of the Institute

Following each Institute, a webinar is held to highlight what the Fellows learned, and the curriculum they developed. These are recorded and available online.