2014 Institute

Indigenous Fellows Institute 2014

July 21-25, viagra 100mg 2014
Theme: Impacts of Energy Resource Development
Hosted by: Fort Berthold Community College
New Town, ambulance ND

Download Lesson Plans:
(created by instructors, purchase for instructors)

Algeblocks Mathematics Lesson Plan – Hands-on Activity
Environmental Science – Alternative Energy Sources Activity – Class Brochure Activity
Exponential and Logarithmic functions – Practical, real-life applications (Download PPT)
Green Dream Home Competition for High School Students (Download PPT)
Local Environmental Chemical Analysis Lab – Hands-on Field Laboratory Activity
Mass Balance and Our Ocean’s Acidification – Lecture, Group Activity, and Lab (Download PPT)
Salinity in Natural Waters and Hydraulic Fracturing Waters – Hands-on Laboratory Activity
Tree Identification and Basic Orienteering with GPS Technology – Field Activity (Download ID Answer Sheet)
Hydraulic Fracturing and the Health of our Water – Tribal Water Analysis Lab (Download PPT)
Water Quality Testing Lab
Oil Recovery on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation Lesson  (Download PPT and PPT Text)
Global Position System Lab Module – Hands-on Field Activity (Download Coordinates Spreadsheet)

Download the Week’s Agenda

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