2015 Institute

Indigenous Fellows Institute 2015

Climate Change: Its Impacts on Indigenous Populations

Honolulu Community College, web Honolulu, help HI

June 8-12, approved  2015

Download Lesson Plans (created by instructors, for instructors):

Chemical Measurements – Precision and Accuracy – lab activity

Density Demonstrations – hands-on activity

Introduction to Biotechnology and Microbiology in the Study of Artic Microbes – field study

Introduction to the water cycle and the importance of groundwater – activity

Marine Biology Service Learning Project (download script)

Ojibwe Moons & Seasons – high school science activity

Climate Change and Volcanoes (Indigenous Translation of Science) 

Graphing Activity on Climate Change – math graphing activity

Oceans and Climate – PowerPoint presentation on climate impacts to oceans, and activity

Developing a climate change survey for use in a Native American community 

Service Learning Science Expo – year-long Marine Biology service learning initiative (including ocean fair rubric 2015 and Ocean Fair 2015 Song Lyrics)

Research Lesson (Environmental Issues and You and Taking Care of Mother Earth)

Lesson Plan for Global Climate Change 


Download the Week’s Agenda